mafaldatenente.com is now public.


Today www.mafaldatenente.com goes live as a public site. This site focuses on the topics that inspire me as a “treasure hunter” and where I am always trying to learn and create something new: arts, dance and brands. In the news section I will share updates on new projects or engagements. The site allows anyone to contact me directly, be it with a new project idea or with private comments and feedback.

http://www.mafaldatenente.com was started earlier in 2016 as a private blog to share my writing projects and ideas with a few trusted friends, willing to share some of their time as “early critics”. It was thanks to their feedback that I tweaked the structure and content of the blog. While the site will always remain a work in progress, it was time to push myself again and seek further improvement by “opening the door” to more people.

I would like to especially thank Stefan Schmidlin http://www.schmidlinfotografie.ch for shooting the personal portraits that fit the personality I wanted for the site and Nadia Standard at http://www.standardesign.com for helping me define the brand identity that supported its development. Some friends encouraged me to attempt to illustrate my posts like I do my public presentations, so readers are faced with the additional challenge of deciphering the cryptic sketching. I encourage you to think of it as a treasure hunt of your own, and I can only hope you find some reward in the journey.