Every dancer offers us a bridge to a new, exciting world.

A pair of dancers in Cuenca, Ecuador, 2015
Geiko (sketch), げいこ, 芸子, 2017

via Photo Challenge: Bridge

Today with additional notes:

First, thank you for reading through another zen Monday and for all the positive engagement so far. ありがとうございます。

This week I finally managed to connect zen Mondays to my favorite writing topic, the intersection of dance and art, which makes me twice as grateful for the inspiration.

I am building a bridge to another platform. You can now find all #zenmondays also on Steller: https://steller.co/mtenente. Have you considered Steller before? Happy to read your thoughts and tips below.

Every Monday is #zenmonday. You can subscribe by email below or follow @mtenente on Steller or Twitter to get your Monday dose of #zen.


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