Every end is a new beginning. Flip through my first sketchbook of 2020

In these challenging times, it is sometimes easy to forget just how much we can be grateful for. Usually I would have a chance to sit around a table and share my sketchbook with friends, or have someone steal a glance across my shoulder when sketching in a public place. While those days won’t be here for a while, my first zen journal of the year is now complete.

A page from the first sketchbook of 2020

I am not quite sure where you are right now, whether you’re keeping strictly to a routine or sometimes letting one day blur into the next.
Wherever you are I hope you’re healthy.

Despite all the turmoil, looking back on every sketchbook page and moment that went along with it I felt extremely lucky. So today I am sharing my full sketchbook with you too. These are my personal moments of creativity and reconnection, ink-blotched fingers and all. From my desk to yours, here is a virtual glance across my shoulder, and may this glance bring you an additional moment of beauty and stillness these days!

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