Inspiring you


I am a brand treasure hunter.

Bringing beauty forward with a smile.

What does that mean?

I enjoy hunting for brands and companies that will become tomorrow’s treasures with consumers worldwide. I am thrilled by discovering the treasures within a business that will help it succeed and helping teams dream of and achieve with high impact.

I believe that creating a beautiful brand experience is the first step for a long-lived sustainable business. By combining global leadership in marketing and high creativity with strong strategic and financial acumen I can help you navigate the fastest route to finding your treasure and design the map to multiply its value.

Which treasures have I collected so far?

Here is a list of some of the precious items in my collection:

  • Brought emotion to world travellers perception of a 200 year old heritage industry through higher personalisation and historical depth
  • Accurately predicted the future of digital for art museums
  • Taught a computer to answer whether a national law should be changed and wrote the recommendation that sealed the direction
  • Unearthed the cash to double a leading institution’s footprint without additional debt or equity
  • Motivated a $1B organisation to deliver on the blueprint for a leading new product pipeline in its segment through a combination of numbers and sketching skills
  • Planned the integration of an entire business unit into a newly formed industry leader
  • Championed the first global digital customer engagement strategy in its sector
  • Developed teams of talented people based in multiple countries

Now seriously, what do I really do?

I offer global strategic advisory focused primarily in the following areas and sectors:

  • Marketing strategy, incl. brand entry and turnaround strategy, brand creation and positioning development, brand innovation road-mapping
  • Brand valuation
  • Brand planning
  • Creativity facilitation
  • Fine craftsmanship, Arts, Hospitality, Life sciences

I am also interested in writing about current topics in Strategic Marketing drawing from industry experience combined with the latest research.

You have a treasure just waiting to be found or need help with putting the pieces of the treasure map together? Reach out to me here.