Mafalda Tenente Editions

Handmade art books in small volume editions. Slow books for quiet moments, shining a light on details of Japanese arts and celebrating the beauty of the seasons. A cultural publishing bridge between Switzerland, Portugal and Japan by ink painting artist Mafalda Tenente.

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One Moment, One Drawing

“One Moment, One Drawing” is a mini art edition in A6 hardcover format. The edition contains reproductions of twelve drawings created in Switzerland by Mafalda Tenente using Japanese ink painting (sumi-e) technique. These reproductions are preceded by a brief introduction to some of the ink painting principles, and each book is hand-bound using the traditional Japanese stab binding method. The selection of drawings follows twelve of the twenty-four ancient Japanese seasons of the year, or sekki. Each drawing is a detachable postcard, where you can write your own reflections on the verse. This edition can be enjoyed as a whole, or transformed into new moments of connection to be shared with others.

Second edition available.

First Edition:



Namban, Portugal

ZB Zürich, Switzerland

Keiko Fierz-Takase

Public collections:

ZB Zürich


The Tea House Diary

“Creativity is a well-maintained tea house”, according to ink painter Mafalda Tenente.

“The Tea House Diary” is a minimalist notebook designed to inspire more creativity. Sprinkled within are five reproductions of ink paintings by the artist, and the daily habits used to keep her own creativity thriving.

This softcover A5 format in a discreet, warm grey cover contains 75 non-lined sheets for personal notes. All shared in a concise format, and shining a light on another detail of Japanese culture. This new slow edition can be appreciated as a beautiful journal, or as a mini personal change guide.

First Edition:



Namban, Portugal


Autumn in Japan

(working title)