The bookbinder’s world: Treecreeper

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In the Old Botanical Garden on a rainy day, through a myriad spring blossoms, the call of a treecreeper sounds. It draws nearer and nearer, until I can turn slowly around and find it climbing through the bark of the Japanese larch exactly at eye-level. As I keep track of the bird  (cont’d below)

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The treecreeper

Part of the “The bookbinder’s world” tanzaku series.

(cont’d from above) screened by the green clouds of fresh needles not yet fully fanned out I notice something else. The fresh cones are now large enough to display their spring fashion too, that small pink pineapple-shaped dress.

This is the mood I set out to capture:

“A rainy day, at level with the treecreeper behind brushed green clouds.”

Ink, color and Pitt monochrome pastel on cardboard. Tanzaku size approximately 7.5 cm width x 31.5 cm height. Personally signed and sealed by the artist in the bottom right corner.

Read more about this painting here: https://mafaldatenente.com/zenmonday207

The work sells as displayed on the image, without additional frame or accessories. All tanzaku-sized paintings ship plastic-free in a firm cardboard envelope. This work ships in 5-8 working days.

Storage box: a custom-sized pawlonia box storage case can be ordered for paintings in this series at an additional cost. Send a message to info[at]mafaldatenente.com.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 31,5 × 7,5 cm


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