What Rio de Janeiro and Yayoi Kusama have in common

At the end of the first quarter The Art Newspaper will release its annual art museum attendance survey results. While we wait for the latest balance to come in, I went back to have a quick glance at the 2014 numbers.

Taipei and Rio de Janeiro each had 4 of the most popular shows on the top 10, and Yayoi Kusama was a big success in Brazil. It was great to see a female artist gracing again the top 10, the first time since 2011 when Mariko Mori and Laurie Anderson had single exhibitions hosted by Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. The Louvre leads undisputed the art museum ranking.

The fastest growing institutions since 2007 in terms of visitors are not a real surprise, although I believe the National Museum of Korea could be up there with the top 3 if its statistics for 2007 were available.

art museum visitors 2014