With some wishing and much resilience sometimes dreams blossom to reality. This holiday season, keep your wishes and dreams alive. My zen Monday wish to you.


A shinto shrine in Ise, Iseshima, Japan, 2018


A lotus blossom (brush pen drawing), dream, yume, ゆめ, 夢, 2018


Preview of my first mini art edition, a small hardcover with some of my favourite drawings including the one shared today (coming soon)


Thank you for reading this zen Monday and likely many others throughout this year. Your regular encouragement has allowed me to turn my dream of a mini art edition into reality in 2018. More details on this edition are coming soon, but as a special thank you to all my readers for raising my resilience this year I’m including a bonus preview photo on this Christmas Eve Monday.


Every Monday is zen Monday, a weekly dose of zen in Japanese ink painting format, coupled with one Japanese word.

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