Over the lake, the floating boat waits for the fireflies to glow.


A boat in the Nezu Museum Garden, Tokyo, Japan, 2019

Boats on the horizon (ink painting on Japanese postcard), boat, fune, ふね, 船, 2019

A Japanese haiku:




The romaji version:

mizuumi ni

hotaru ga hikaru

fune ukabu

Thank you for reading another zen Monday. ありがとうございました。

Every Monday is zen Monday, a weekly dose of zen in Japanese ink painting format, coupled with one Japanese word. Nothing else – or so it goes usually.

However, zen Mondays are going on a summer hiatus from now until end of August. As a small bonus this Monday’s post title doubles up as a small Japanese summer haiku, shared below the images.

During the break perhaps you can revisit some of the older posts at www.mafaldatenente.com/zen or the recent works here www.instagram.com/mtenente.

See you again in September, and until then keep well!

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