On the rooftop purple blooms, watching sparrows.

Tulip, Zurich, 2020
postcard zurich
A tulip over Zurich’s rooftops (brush pen drawing on Japanese postcard), rooftop, okujou, おくじょう, 屋上, 2020

This week’s zen Monday is the third post after #119 and #116 to include a new series of brush pen work. Parallel to my sketchbooks and paintings, I have started two postcard series in 2020 from two favorite places – Zurich and Kanazawa.

From today, whenever a new brush pen postcard from this series is shown on zen Monday it will be paired with a haiku (read on for today’s). This takes further the principle I experimented with in my first art book, “One Moment, One Drawing” – where each postcard was given a poetic seasonal title in four languages. The English translation of the haiku will make up the post headline, below the inspiring images you can find the Japanese original in three scripts (full script, hiragana only and romaji), followed by the Portuguese and German translations.

This week’s haiku:








Okujou de

murasaki ga saku

suzume mite


Sobre telhados

de violeta em flor

observam pardais


Über den Dächern

buntes Violett blüht wo

Sperlinge gucken


I would love to know whether you enjoy this new postcard series and its additional content. Leave your thoughts below. See you again next Monday. Until then, thank you for reading another zen Monday. ありがとうございました。

You can find more background on the development of zen Mondays and other work in progress through my instagram account here

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