Green reeds sprout on a gull’s nest, surrounded by the crying flock.

Black headed gulls, Zurich, 2021
Cormorants and gulls at Neeracherried, brush pens on paper, 2021

Good morning! I had the chance to join a couple of virtual art safaris earlier this year (courtesy of @artsafari) and I had a lot of fun trying to paint animals in real time.

A couple of weeks back I tried my own “art safari” for the first time since 2020, briefly painting the Neeracherried pond, at the BirdLife center near Zurich. The scene above was painted live, directly on site.

The black-headed gulls were extremely active all around, and a group of cormorants stood feather preening in the sun. Feather preening was not quite as “still” as one would think, but that is what makes live so appealing! Wishing you a great week ahead, and a special thank you to all the volunteers in the BirdLife centre.

Thank you for reading another zen Monday.

Every Monday is zen Monday. Always a weekly dose of Japanese ink painting coupled with one photograph from my archives.


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