The sound of low-rolling waves carrying the weight of a ruby red crown. Thank you for following another year of zen Mondays.

The beach near Agios Nikolaos, Crete, 2021
The quiet beach in fall, ink on paper, 2021
The pomegranate tree, Kapsaliana, 2021
The quiet beach in fall, ink on paper, 2021

With today’s sketch I close the tour of Crete in the fall, and the 2021 series of zen Monday posts.

This is a two-part sketch. From where I sketched the first part – the beach scene – there was a pomegranate tree a few meters behind me with some shiny, ripe fruits. I didn’t have time to capture the tree, so I left the space open for a later opportunity on the island.

On the last afternoon, walking through Kapsaliana village I came across this particular pomegranate tree branch which would fit exactly into the spot left open the week before.

I sat on the border of a flower bed over the next half hour or so for the best angle to complete my sketchbook page. Exactly the right time until the sun shifted over to my spot, at which point I was nudged by a very persistent cat wishing to lounge from the now sunny spot. Sharing is caring and thus, having reached my goal I made room for the next guest.

There are few landscapes and moments more peaceful than a quiet beach with small, rolling waves. Which is why I knew this would be my choice of sketch to close the series and this year. As I finished another holiday read last night, the book cover partially shown here struck me, like another of those soft waves. Another corner view of a pomegranate tree from an artist of another age. Though the waves are different, similar moods continue to wash ashore for artists quietly admiring nature up close.

I hope 2021 zen Mondays brought you a dose of inspiration and calm as well. Thank you for following another year of my ink painting journey. I wish you a joyful and peaceful start to 2022 and hope to see you again here soon.


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