Before the chestnut stands close, hues of roasted gold.

Larch cone branches in early winter, Zurich, 2021
Chestnuts, ink on Gasenshi paper, 2021

When spring rolls around, the chestnut stands suddenly fade away from Zurich. Even though trees are still mostly bare, we are slowly getting to that season.

Before we do, a last look at a group of chestnuts and the golden hues of a larch tree around the time my exhibition started.
Chestnuts are a delight to paint because with one single stroke you can create a full three dimensional object – in the foreground with one type of gradation, or in the background with another one.
Larches on the other hand are curious trees. Although conifers they are not evergreens. In the late autumn their needles turn golden before falling, and in the low sun they make a beautiful sight. I have painted them mostly in summer, next autumn I must capture these hues.

What facts or sights will you learn or remember this week? Keep curious, keep well, have a great week!

Thank you for reading another zen Monday.

Every Monday is zen Monday. Always a weekly dose of Japanese ink painting coupled with one photograph from my archives.


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