A game of dried textures, in monochrome ink.

Dried plant in early winter, Zurich, 2021
Chrysanthemums, ink on Gasenshi paper, 2021

On this ongoing walk through the Altstadthaus exhibition I often pair the paintings exhibited with photos from the same season in which the exhibition took place – early winter.

The early winter atmosphere in the photos is the closest match to the experience of the Zurich visitors. On the other hand, it is like experiencing a slightly different exhibition here. One that mixes ink painting and photography in this two-dimensional screen space. The nature details seen here are from multiple corners of the city. Next week we will be going back in time. In the next part of this exhibition I will be sharing some paintings from late summer.

Thank you for reading another zen Monday.

Every Monday is zen Monday. Always a weekly dose of Japanese ink painting coupled with one photograph from my archives.


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