The bookbinder’s world: Higashichaya

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“I landed in Tokyo with a sketchbook, a new color palette in mind and little else”. This was where it all began in 2023 – the color and material research ahead of my return to Kanazawa after three (long) years. The small character wearing a winter cape (cont’d below)

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“The bookbinder’s Higashichaya”

First painting in the “The bookbinder’s world” tanzaku series.

(cont’d from above) while holding an open book, near an old merchant’s house with a bookstore(?) sign. Who would be spending a winter’s day reading in one of the liveliest streets in Kanazawa? There are no bookstores to be seen in the old tea-house district. Were there ever? This is what this series is all about. Diving into small parallel worlds, created by mixing real world details with imaginary landscapes and characters. Combining two classic draughtsmanship tools – Asian ink and western pastels – in a book lover’s dream world.

I wrote about this new perspective here: https://mafaldatenente.com/japan-2023-part01/

Ink, color and Pitt monochrome pastel on cardboard. Tanzaku size approximately 7 cm width x 31.5 cm height. Personally signed and sealed by the artist in the bottom left corner.

The work sells as displayed on the image, without additional frame or accessories. All tanzaku-sized paintings ship plastic-free in a firm cardboard envelope. This work ships in 5-8 working days.

Storage box: a custom-sized pawlonia box storage case can be ordered for paintings in this series at an additional cost. Send a message to info[at]mafaldatenente.com.

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Dimensions 31,5 × 7 × 0,5 cm


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