Find out “Why I Sketch”, in this month’s Moment Sketchers artist series. Two artists dwelling on what inspires me hoping to inspire you.

Some of you have asked me this question many times, and now it is finally explored in depth, and in public. A few weeks ago I sat down for a chat, between Uruguay and Switzerland, with the awesome artist Candace Rardon for the Moment Sketchers artist series.

You have asked me about “why I sketch” and why in this particular style, so I was delighted when Candace gave me the opportunity to explore this question and how it ended up leading to my first art edition “One Moment, One Drawing”. You can read the full discussion at www.momentsketchers.com/mafalda

“For me, it gives me energy; whenever I sit in front of that blank page and shut out everything else around me, it’s really like a meditation. It really is a moment where I can get my energy back at the end of the day.”

When I was reading the interview again this morning I noticed something else. It also reads like a long love letter to Japanese art and culture.

“It was the love of art that led me to pick up that [Japanese art history] book, and once I read about the basic history, I was so fascinated that I just started diving deeper and deeper into the country and the culture — and most of it has all been done remotely, because those are the opportunities that have presented themselves.”

I can’t think of a more fitting image than this tribute to Ise shima I finished shortly before the discussion took place to go along with it.

Thank you to all of you for encouraging my practice in the last couple of years by continuing to follow my zen Monday series (currently on summer break until end of August) and buying the first edition of my mini art book, “One Moment, One Drawing”.

“If it’s a gift of happiness and a gift of beauty, you would want it to be passed forward and you would want people to have as many moments — and as many drawings or meetings of their own — as possible.”

If you know of a friend who loves Japan or art, feel free to share this message with them. A very small volume second edition of the mini art book is also now available to purchase online at One Moment, One Drawing. Twelve ink drawings to chase the seasons.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading our full discussion at www.momentsketchers.com/mafalda, looking at the process behind my art, and that it will have some inspiring moments for you as well.


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