Black ink line holds as much depth as the single leaf.

Rain water on ground leaves, Zurich, 2021
Seven postcards laid out on light grey paper featuring mountain flowers and landscapes in monochrome black ink line
Around Vigiljoch (postcard series), ink line and wash on Japanese paper, 2021

Last year I spent a lot of time painting in black line ink only, trying to express textures and landscapes with minimum tools only – a black brush pen and water.

One such series is this collection of 10 by 15 cm postcards. Titled “Around Vigiljoch” it encompasses the diversity of what can be experienced when walking around a single mountain area. From the forest’s floor to insects and the rain pouring from the sky. Constraining one’s tools can hold as much expressiveness and complexity as a single leaf.

A similar effect is in play in the carved lines of a pure monochrome black ink frottage or takuhon print. The front and reverse side can be equally interesting to look at, through the choice of paper and subject.

Thank you for reading another zen Monday. Every Monday is zen Monday. Always a weekly dose of Japanese ink painting, coupled with one photo from my archives.

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