Join Mafalda Tenente Editions this Art Basel week at I Never Read Art Book Fair Basel.

Introducing “Autumn in Japan” during Art Basel week

It is a special pleasure to announce the attendance of Mafalda Tenente Editions at the Art Book Fair “I Never Read”, taking place during Art Basel week. Between June 14 and 17 you can find our bookshelf at Kaserne Basel. Mafalda Tenente lived in Basel for many years and is looking forward to contributing to her first art event in the city.

She will be introducing “Autumn in Japan: An Ink Painter’s Travel Journal”, her latest artist book and Volumes Awards 2022 nominee.

Although first time participants, Mafalda Tenente Editions are going “all-in” for this edition of I Never Read. Between June 14 and 17, in addition to exciting discussions about “Autumn in Japan” and the connection between ink painting and artist books, you can expect live painting performances by the artist, as well as book signings.

Our full program for I Never Read Art Book Fair Basel

  1. Bookshelf stand and artist book signings on the fair’s regular opening hours
    • Opening reception Wednesday June 14, 6 – 10pm
    • Thursday June 15 and Friday 16, 3 – 9pm
    • Saturday June 17, noon – 6pm
  2. Live ink painting performances by artist Mafalda Tenente on Thursday June 15 and Friday June 16, between 5 and 7 pm
  3. I Never Read Radio Broadcast on Friday June 16 at 4pm, introducing “Autumn in Japan: An Ink Painter’s Travel Journal“. Live broadcast streaming from https://www.ineverread.com

Entry to the art book fair is free and open to everyone. Kaserne Basel is on Klybeckstrasse 1b, CH-4057 Basel

On the Basel performance sessions

Mafalda Tenente is currently traveling through Japan, continuing her ink painting journey, including some learning about traditional washi making, under the shade of fresh green leaves and the occasional early summer rain. You can expect some of these seasonal cues to make an appearance in the Basel performance sessions.

Looking forward to meeting art and book lovers in Basel soon.

About Mafalda Tenente Editions

Mafalda Tenente is an ink painting artist living in Zurich, exhibiting regularly in Switzerland and Japan since 2017 with the artist book as a significant part of her practice. Mafalda Tenente Editions is her independent publishing imprint focusing on slow, handmade books featuring ink painting and sharing details of traditional Japanese arts. “Autumn in Japan: An Ink Painter’s Travel Journal” is a visual and written tribute to the tradition of the Japanese literary travel diary. Released in November 2022 at Volumes Zurich, it was nominated for the Volumes Awards.

For questions related to the artist and the news released here, send your message to info[at]mafaldatenente.com

The image library for “Autumn in Japan”, higher resolution images are available on request from the contact address above


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