The bookbinder’s world: The spring fifer

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In the Old Botanical Garden on a rainy spring day, this trailing white blossoms branch caught my eye. It was the city’s spring festival week – Sechseläute  (cont’d below)

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The spring fifer

Part of the “The bookbinder’s world” tanzaku series.

(cont’d from above) and I wanted to capture some of the atmosphere running through the city while staying true to the mystery theme running through the series. The single woman fifer walking away from the viewer achieves both.

Ink, color and Pitt monochrome pastel on cardboard. Tanzaku size approximately 7 cm width x 31.5 cm height. Personally signed and sealed by the artist in the bottom right corner.

Read more about this painting here: https://mafaldatenente.com/zenmonday210

The work sells as displayed on the image, without additional frame or accessories. All tanzaku-sized paintings ship plastic-free in a firm cardboard envelope. This work ships in 5-8 working days.

Storage box: a custom-sized pawlonia box storage case can be ordered for paintings in this series at an additional cost. Send a message to info[at]mafaldatenente.com.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 31,5 × 7 cm


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