The artist in the boardroom, and as podcast guest.

A conversation on the changing priorities for company boards, and how my personal journey and Japanese ink painting practice shape my behaviour as a board member.

It was a late winter evening in Zurich. The first signs of spring were already visible and yet, snow was still falling.
I sipped from a cup of tea while going over some notes for the conversation ahead. I thought “Well, that was quite a crazy adventure so far, when one thinks about it…”

The full podcast episode

#15 – The artist in the Board Room – Mafalda Tenente – Board member, strategic advisor and award winning artist Win Building

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What we talk about

Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode of the podcast:

  1. Knowing your vision, and the core value leading my personal journey – creativity
  2. Learning as a lifelong habit, and how winning that “big goal” once boosts your confidence for attempting to win, time and again
  3. Evolving priorities at company board level, and some of the challenges ahead
  4. How the principles of Japanese ink painting practice are relevant in a business context, and as a board member
  5. My lifelong connection to art, and how it led me to Japan

I hope you find some inspiration in the conversation. Even if you think you know me well, I can guarantee you some surprises throughout. Specially for fellow INSEAD MBA alumni, there is a trip down memory lane under 2. that you will surely recognise. Clues to the image above can be found in the very last section of the podcast.

Sending once more a thank you to Nick, for having me on the podcast and for the chance to reflect on the adventure so far.

Let me hear from you

What is your first reaction to the conversation? Which portions do you enjoy most? Let me know in the comments or through a message.


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