On display at the Awagami International Mini Print Exhibition in Tokushima from October 9 to November 7

Awagami Mini Print

Joining the world’s largest juried show for prints on washi from Awagami

I am pleased to announce that two new A4 pigment prints on washi will be on display at the upcoming Awagami International Mini Print Exhibition in Tokushima, Japan. Combined with the release of the first two prints in the new etegami series earlier this year, my pigment print on washi portfolio now includes works in two sizes – A6 and A4. From October 9 to November 7 in the Inbe Art Space, visitors to the world’s largest juried printmaking show will be able to see the following prints from me:

Red-crested pochard, Early Spring 「アカハシハジロ、立春」Edition of 9, 2021
Crow, Spring rain 「カラス、雨水」Edition of 9, 2021

Exhibition of the first prints from the “Inking Zurich Birds” series of paintings

These works are A4 reproductions of two original ink painting works. The originals are part of the ongoing “Inking Zurich Birds” series. In this series I am painting some of Zurich’s most common bird species, as I encounter them around the city through the seasons. I spotted the Red-crested pochard and Crow during this year’s spring season. This special print edition on Premium Unryu washi is exclusive to the Awagami exhibition. Only 10 copies of each print are available. Premium Unryu is a beautiful washi with delicate swirling fibres. I selected this paper for its texture and patterns. That texture is perfect to heighten the tranquil mood of the delicate ink strokes. Both pigment prints are numbered, titled and signed in pencil as seen in the photos here.

Congratulations to the recently announced winners of this year’s show. It is a pleasure as a first time participant to be in the company of such excellent printmakers.

Prints available to purchase during the Awagami exhibition

Both prints are available for purchase in Japan during the period of the show. All print sales during the show partially contribute to cover the local team’s efforts in Japan. If you would like to purchase one these prints, send me a message here. I will inform you of their availability once the show ends.

If you are near Tokushima between October 9 and November 7, please drop by to see all the wonderful prints. Make sure to follow the latest local guidelines to keep healthy and safe. If you share images of my prints online, please tag my artist account on instagram @mtenente.

UPDATE: both prints are now available to purchase directly online through the links Red-crested pochard and Carrion crow

Directly from the print exhibition hall

Last but not least, a big thank you to the team at Awagami. They are working hard to setup the display for the exhibition starting October 9. With nearly 2000 prints, I was very fortunate to capture a glimpse of my prints here:


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