“Autumn in Japan” goes on tour through Switzerland with “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2022”.

“Autumn in Japan” joins “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2022” touring exhibition

Between June 2023 and early 2024 “Autumn in Japan” by Mafalda Tenente will go on tour through Switzerland together with all the nominees of this year’s edition of “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books” competition.

“The Most Beautiful Swiss Books” is an annual competition, part of the Swiss Cultural Awards hosted by the Federal Office for Culture. This competition aims to recognise and promote excellence in the field of book design in Switzerland. It is an honour for the artist book to be on this year’s nominees, alongside well-recognised artists and publishers.

This is the first entry of a book by artist Mafalda Tenente to Switzerland’s most prestigious book design award. It is also the second award nomination for “Autumn in Japan, An Ink Painter’s Travel Journal”. The book was previously shortlisted for the Volumes Awards at the international art book fair in Zurich in November 2022.

An encouraging sign for the artist

“It is a great encouragement to return home from another creative journey through Japan via Art Basel to find “Autumn in Japan” on display at the Helmhaus Zurich, a venue so close to my artist desk and some of the places I find inspiration from. After living obsessively with this project for nearly four years, I am now able to enjoy seeing it take on a life of its own. I do look forward to a slightly “simpler” book concept to follow on though, as I focus on completing the ongoing “Eight Views of Kanazawa in Winter” painting series.”

Mafalda Tenente

To see all the venues and dates of “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books” exhibition go to:


The list of the prize winners is available at http://www.themostbeautifulswissbooks.ch

The first stop of the national tour took place between June 22 and 25 at Helmhaus Zurich:


About “Autumn in Japan” and Mafalda Tenente

Mafalda Tenente is an ink painting artist living in Zurich. She exhibits regularly in Switzerland and Japan since 2017 with the artist book as a significant part of her practice. Mafalda Tenente Editions is her independent publishing imprint focusing on slow, handmade books featuring ink painting and sharing details of traditional Japanese arts. “Autumn in Japan: An Ink Painter’s Travel Journal” is a visual and written tribute to the tradition of the Japanese literary travel diary. Released in November 2022 at Volumes Zurich, it was nominated for the Volumes Awards and listed for “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books” design competition.

For questions related to the artist and the news released here, or to schedule a book reading event with the artist, send your message to info[at]mafaldatenente.com

Making of “Autumn in Japan”:

The image library for “Autumn in Japan” (higher resolution images are available on request from the contact address above):

The first edition of “Autumn in Japan” is available for purchase at: https://mafaldatenente.com/product/autumn-japan/


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