Celebrating 10 years of Volumes Zurich in 2023. join us on November 18-19.

It’s already that time of the year again. The time when independent publishers come together in Zurich in the run up to Christmas to showcase their latest works in print at Volumes Zurich. This year I will be joining the 10 year celebration of Zurich’s independent art publishing fair. At the book fair table stand you will be able to see and purchase artist books published so far and the new print editions released in 2023. Among those books is “Autumn in Japan“. We are now down to the very last copies of the first edition, which was nominated for the Volumes Awards exactly a year ago. The 10-year celebration will include various activities at Zentralwäscherei during both days of the Volumes Zurich fair – November 18 and 19.

New print Editions

Both prints released for the 2023 Tokushima show – “Winter Sunset at Kenrokuen” and “Humans of Asakusa” – will be on display and available for purchase at the Volumes Zurich fair. Both prints are limited to 10 copies. Exclusively at the Volumes Zurich stand this weekend, five copies of each print will be available. In case you missed it in the recent news, “Winter Sunset at Kenrokuen” was awarded an Honorable Mention by the jury of the show.

Upcoming releases and more

A prototype preview our upcoming 2024 release – “The Lotus” will be available on request. “The Lotus” is a short story set in Zurich with a root connecting to Japan, and a mildly fantastic flair. If you want to discuss this single sort story volume in the works, just enquire directly at the table. This release was first introduced in the latest issue of “The Art Journey” letter.

There will likely be some live painting sessions at the stand throughout both days. Keep an eye out for my instagram stories during the weekend @mtenente for session details.

Art Book Fair Details

Volumes Zurich 2023, Art Publishing Days

18 November 12-8pm

19 November 12-7pm

Zentralwaescherei, Neue Hard 12, 8005 Zurich


About Mafalda Tenente Editions

My publications are handmade art books in small volume editions. Slow books for quiet moments, shining a light on details of Japanese arts and celebrating the beauty of the seasons. A cultural publishing bridge between Switzerland, Portugal and Japan through the lens of ink painting.

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